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Online 3D Printing Courses
3D printed materials
Digital 3D Printing Certificate
Online 3D Printing Courses
3D printed materials
Digital 3D Printing Certificate

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5 years of work floor industry experience condensed in a 3 day course.

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Web-based and mobile-first so you can
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Learn how to select the right application
and see many successful examples.

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Tom Pieters

"I worked together with Robin for many years and he is one of the most passioned people i know. His motivation to help and educate other people with his knowledge is a true gift."

Yvon Muller

"Robin's extensive expertise in the industry is a great help for us to establish our business strategy. He gives us focus and quickly connects the dots, his advice is a real accelerator!"

Victor Zwiers

"Robin's support and commitment to his clients and projects is limitless and utmost personal. His advice and guidance helped us to create 3D models and designs that pushed the limit of the product range we were working on."

Dhani Rahmawan

"Robin was overseeing the whole project and directed it smoothly. He has got that personal touch I was really looking for."

Jeroen van der Loo

"It has been an honour to already work a few years together with Robin, in the development of 3D metal printed parts. His knowledge and vision about design, taught me many new oppertunities in mechanical engineering."

Kenny Smit

"Since I have worked with Robin, he has always been able to interest people in his fields of expertise. Due to his drive for perfection and excellent work ethic, Robin's work is always very professional and well designed."

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